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Get all the products you need with this one time offer and save time & money not buying them individually!

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Want to detail your car? This offer is for you!

Get a one time 20% discount on your first order. We recommend using this on our Detail Like a Pro Kit to get the largest discount of £79.83 and will provide you with:

Everything you need to follow every step of the eBook.

Contains top quality products and accessories that are used and loved by professionals and enthusiasts.

Save time and money trying to find the right products that will deliver great results.

£95.96 (45% Off RRP and Save £79.83)

Buy Kit Offer

100% satisfaction & money back guarantee

Save £79.83 on this one time offer! Available for 3 days.

This kit has been created to help you improve your detailing skills and feed your passion. This is a big one time offer so is only available for the next three days so don't miss out!

This kit has been designed to give you all you need to follow our detail like a pro ebook and includes the items listed below:

Snow Foam
Heavy Dirt
Work Stuff Detailing Brush 24mm

Alloy Cleaner
30mm Work Stuff Detailing Brush
Gauntlet Wheel Drying Towel

Contact wash:
Premium Shampoo
Microfibre Wash Mitt
Double Twistress Drying Towel

Iron Remover
Tar Gel
Micro Fibre Cloth

Foam applicator
Rag Company Creature Buffing Towel

Autobead Wax (50ml)
Work Stuff Wax applicator
Premium Edgeless Microfibre Twin Pack

Finishing Touches:
Tyre Dressing
Glass Cleaner
Rag Company FTW Glass Towel
Foam Applicator

£95.96 (Save £79.83 on RRP)

Buy Kit Offer

100% satisfaction & money back guarantee

Additional items you will need:
Snow foam lance, 2 buckets

Trusted by professionals & enjoyed by enthusiass

"All the products in this kit are fantastic. AutoBead have done a amazing job creating these products."- JPA Valeting

"Excellent products and fabulous customer service. HIGHLY recommended!" - Kay D

"After application, my car looked like new and weeks later it still looks like new." - Sam B

"First time using auto bead and I’m very impressed. Amazing finish and a lovely shine"- Kyleigh E

Make learning how to detail an enjoyable experience

Getting into detailing can be difficult, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. What products do I need? Which order do I apply them in? Which products work and deliver results? Which products work well together?

We want to take this load off your mind so that you can get on and enjoy learning how to detail like a pro.

£95.96 (45% Off RRP £79.83)

Buy Kit Offer

100% satisfaction & money back guarantee

Get all the support you need

There is a lot to learn with detailing and it is a process that should be enjoyed. For any questions you have reach out so us in our detailing group AutoBed Hub or email us at

£95.96 (45% Off RRP & Save £79.83)

Buy Kit Offer

100% satisfaction & money back guarantee


Will I need anythinge else to detail my car?
The only additional items you will need are two buckets and a snowfoam lance.

What if I don't like any of the products?
Any products you don't like can be returned to us and you will receive a refund at the discounted rate.

If I have a question can I get extra support?
Of course! That is why we are here. You can post any questions in our group or email us at

£95.96 (45% Off and Save £79.83)

Buy Kit Offer

100% satisfaction & money back guarantee