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Become an AUTOBEAD Silex Pro accredited detailer

The ceramic coating accreditation for elite detailers.

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Professional Grade Products

Silex Pro coatings are only available for Autobead Silex Pro Accredited Detailers. The Silex Pro range provides outstanding quality and reliability that provides:

Micro-scratch resistance: Ceramic coatings provide a much more robust protective layer for your vehicles surface than a regular clear coat, providing greater protection against micro-scratches.

Filling capabilities: The coating has the potential to cover small paint chips and defects, leaving them undetectable to even the most trained eyes.

High clarity coating: No matter the colour of your paint, it will be amplified once the coating has been applied. Impeccable clarity, incredible gloss.

Thick protective layer: Our research has shown Autobead Silex Pro coatings to provide one of the thickest protective coatings available on the market, meaning any potential damage or harmful contaminants are much further away from your delicate paint.

AUTOBEAD detailers share your passion.

This one-day accreditation provides a deep knowledge base on how the products are applied, how they perform, and how you can sell more of these types of services.

Once accredited, detailers also benefit from:

  • Exclusive discounts across the entire Autobead range.
  • Autobead accredited detailer directory listing.
  • Marketing support.
  • Branded Autobead assets, suitable for co-branding.
  • Access to Autobead professionals community on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Products you’ll be accredited for

To gain an accreditation you need to meet the following criteria:

  • 5-Year Paint Coating
  • 3-Year Paint Coating
  • 2-Year Paint Coating
  • 1-Year Paint Coating
  • 2-Year Glass Coating
  • 3-Year Alloy Coating
  • 1-Year Alloy Coating
  • Leather Coating
  • Fabric Coating

The Accreditation Day

You and five other detailers will detail a car in full, gaining valuable hands-on experience with each of the products.

An Autobead Master Detailer will be on-hand to answer all of your questions and show you how to get the most from each of the products.

We will walk through each of the benefits of being a Silex Go accredited detailer, including:

  • Marketing assets
  • Lead generation for your business
  • How to maximise sales (up-sell and cross-sell)
  • Lunch, learning and laughs are all included

Apply Now to see if your business qualifies

If you would like to become AUTOBEAD Silex Pro Accredited please complete the form below: