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Are you ready to grow your business?


For Detailers that Want to Earn £100k+ Per Year.
Detailers Work With Autobead Because We Help Them Grow

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  • Outstanding Products
  • Profit Boosting Support
  • The New Standard
Exclusive Coatings
Exclusive Coatings
Elite Marketing Assets
Elite Marketing Assets
Technical Training
Technical Training
Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive Discounts

Accredited Detailer’s Work With Us To Make Their Business’s Stronger

See For Yourself...

Mark Leddy

Polished & Waxed

The business support from Autobead is second to none. I wish I had all this support at the beginning of my career.

Jack Norris

Status Detailing

The leading edge single-layer coatings are outstanding. The business support has been has been priceless, too.

Chris Evans


I didn't believe in Graphene as an ingredient. I was wrong. The Graphene Coating is exceptional.

Autobead Works Everyday to help detailers earn more money.

Apply Now >> For Unit-Based and Elite Mobile Detailers

Autobead Accredited Detailers are making thousands extra because of the accreditation.

Paul Young, Tiki Details “I made an extra £2,000 in the month I joined. It’s unbelievable.”

Without Autobead Accreditation

  • No marketing assets
  • No customer experience support
  • No technical support
  • Left to battle the recession on your own

With an Autobead Accreditation

  • World-class marketing assets
  • Built-in enhanced customer experiences
  • Technical and business support
  • A partner that is continuously working to grow your business

Detailer's Are Dramatically Underpaid

Find out how Autobead is working tirelessly every day to help our detailer's make more money in less time.

Grow with Sales & Marketing Support

Be honest – what has your current supplier recently done to help grow your business?

The Autobead Accreditation goes above and beyond to help our detailers grow their busiensses with sales and marketing support. Why? Because when our detailers are successful, we are successful.

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Audi R8

Marketing & Sales Materials

Spend less time educating prospects

Repeatedly answering these questions, takes up a lot of precious time.

  • Why do you charge what you charge?
  • What’s the benefit of a ceramic coating?
  • Why is your competitor half the price?

Autobead marketing assets educate the prospect for you, helping the customer see the value you provide. This means your sales process will be shorter and allow you to charge more for your services.

shampooing car
Apply Now >> For Unit-Based and Elite Mobile Detailers

Sales Training

Make More Money using our 'Detailer Revenue System'.

Our focus is on increasing your profitable revenue without extra work. Our 'Detailer Revenue System' will show you how you can package up your services that will make your customers feel stupid saying 'No'.

Learn how to handle every objection a customer might have with our sales training and start closing more of your leads for higher prices. Don’t waste time trying to save pennies on overheads, when you can make thousands extra with better business practices.

Polishing Car
Apply Now >> For Unit-Based and Elite Mobile Detailers

Detailer Revenues System App

Save time and money with improved systems

Our sister company, Detailer Revenue System (DRS), will help you save time, generate more leads and improve customer satisfaction, furthering your success.

Our DRS platform includes the following features; generate Google reviews, customer appointment reminder, social content scheduler, AI content creator, lead generator, and more. see details at

Leather Coating
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Aftercare Customer Support

Outstanding customer satisfaction

World-class customer experience is built-in with every professionally applied Autobead Coating. From marketing brochures, to aftercare guidance and a robust warranty.

Benefit from hands-free selling, as the marketing assets do the hardwork for you. Our detailer's are adding thousands in monthly revenue from hands-free upsells.

Alloy Coating
Apply Now >> For Unit-Based and Elite Mobile Detailers

We Are Serious About Business Growth. If You Are Too. Let's Talk

Apply Now >> For Unit-Based and Elite Mobile Detailers

Peak Performance Coatings Which Contain up to 76% Active Ingredient

The industry leading marketing and sales support is backed up by industry leading ceramic coatings

Stand apart with performance coatings

Escape the market obsession with durability and turn the focus to performance and enjoyment. Supporting flyers, booklets, and brochures are provided to stand your business apart from the crowded market. Helping to persuade your prospects to go for your most premium offering.

accredited detailer

Features of every coating in our range

Small details that make a BIG difference to our customer's business success. Saving time, increasing profit, and improving trust

  • Single-layer applications
  • No annual top-ups
  • Protected by warranty
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detailer polishing

The Silex Coatings Range

Our paint coatings range includes teh following:

  • 5 Year Graphene Coating (Silex Pro)
  • 5 Year Paint Coating (Silex Pro)
  • 3 Year Paint Coating (Silex Pro)
  • 2 Year Paint Coating (Silex)
  • 1 Year Paint Coating (Silex)

Learn more about these time-saving, money-making coatings

accredited detailer

Introducing Our 5 Year Graphene Coating

The pinnacle of what is available on the coating market today. With 76% active ingredient, this coating contains performance properties like few others. Notable reducing a customers need to maintain their car by 75%. As well as maintaining water behaviour for the duration of the coating.

Results have to be experienced to be believed. If you don't love it. Then you'll get your money back. That is a GUARANTEE!

Apply Now >> Learn about our values and approach
detailer polishing

Become Accredited and You'll Get £2,845 Worth of Free Bonuses

Sign up with our starter pack and benefit from all of the below for free.

Digital Training
Digital Product Training

(worth £249)

Get comfortable wth Silex Coating installation from day one, with exceptional digital training assets.

Offer Creation
Sales Training

(worth £495)

Creat offers that prospects feel silly saying “no” to, and close the sale with confidence to sell more and higher prices.

physical media pack
Marketing Media Pack

(worth £47)

Phyical & digital marketing assets which do your selling for you. Educating the prospect and selling your top services.

Marketing Services
(50% Off DRS)

Save £34.95 per month

Get 50% off our Detailer Revenue System (DRS) which will help you get more sales, save time and earn more.

Marketing Support
Website Template

(Worth £495)

Does your website need a facelift? Use our proven template which can be fully customised to meet your needs.

Monthly Accredited Detailer Call
Monthly Accredited Detailer Call

(Worth £95 per month)

Join the network on our community call. You'll benefit from new insights, news, and the occasional laugh or two. No promises though.

Silex Accredited Detailer certificate
Silex Accredited Certificate

Demonstrate to the world your Accredited Detailer status with our beautifully designed certifate

15% Off Of The Range
15% Off Of The Range

Save on our entire range of maintenance products (Excluding Silex Pro Coatings).

Autobead Accredited Detailer Map Listing
Autobead Detailer Map Listing

An increasing number of visitors to our website are looking for their local Accredited Detailer

Become An Accredited Trainer
Become An Accredited Trainer

Our mission is educate the mass market on how to care for their car the right way. We'd love to have your business as an educator.

Become An Approved Stockist
Become An Approved Stockist

We want to see detailers make more money. The sale of products to customers is as seamless as it gets. Adding extra profits.

Get Your Evenings Back
Get Your Evenings Back

Benefit from the many solutions we have created which reduce the time required to run your business. Reclaiming precious evening time.

Growing a Business Is Hard. With The Right Partner, It's Easier.

Apply Now >> For Unit-Based and Elite Mobile Detailers
some of our other...

Happy Customers

Rudy M.

"The partnership we have formed with Autobead has been immensely successful, and we are only just getting started. Autobead provides fundamental support to our business in many ways. We are very happy."

Chris P.

"The business workshop was brilliant. It really helped me to get a firm grip on where my business is right now, where I want it to go and how I can get it there. Things that felt too complicated now seem simple and attainable."

Ravi H.

"I can whole heartedly say that working with Autobead has been one of the best decisions of my career. They've taken away a high amount of stress. Providing a clear direction and results."