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Protect Car paintwork for up to 5 years
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Why Apply A Ceramic Coating?

Your car is exposed to the elements every day with grit, salt and UV rays. If unprotected the paint will start to corode and lose it's deep gloss shine.

This not only affects the visual appeal of a car but also the resale value. The sooner a coating is applied the better is it will protect the paintwork from long term damage so get your car booked in now.

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Ceramic Coating Benefits

Give your car a deep gloss look with a protective layer that lasts. Benefits of ceramic coating your car include:

  • Protection from UV rays: protect the cars paint from oxidizing and help prevent it from fading and looking dull.
  • Protection from chemical stains: The coating will prevent acidic contaminants bonding with the paintwork.
  • Car stays cleaner for longer: The hydrophobic nature of the coating will help water sheet of the car taking the dirt withit.
  • Ease of cleaning: Ceramic coatings help stop dirt bonding to the car making the wash process much easier and faster.
  • High gloss finish: Coatings provide a deep high gloss finish that lasts giving your car a showroom finish you can be proud of.

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Ceramic Coating Process

Before applying the ceramic coating the car's surfaces are cleaned, decontaminated and polished. This will provide a perfect clear reflective surface that is ready to be sealed with a ceramic coating to protect it.

Application of our one and two year paint coatings can be done at your home. For our three and five year coatings the car needs to be kept indoors for 24 hours after application so the application will need to be done at one of our accredited detailing locations.

Depending on the amount of paint correction work required the process can take two to five days.

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Feel confident with AUTOBEAD Ceramics

The market leading AUTOBEAD ceramic coatings offer a high quality finish and reliability offering up to 5 years protection and 9H hardness. Coatings are available for all surfaces including paint, glass, alloy, leather and fabric.

AUTOBEAD's approved applicators have undergone training and accreditation to ensure they have the required skills to apply the coatings safely and the highest of standards.

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