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We are a nation of car lovers. We appreciate their beauty, power, and history.

Everyday cars are exposed to an onslaught on elements which can cause lasting damage to their appearance. UV rays, acid rain, and traffic film, to name a few, can degrade the colour of paintwork and cause permanent damage.

Correctly maintaining and protecting your vehicle will not only keep your car looking its very best, but it will also help to maintain its value, and often increase it’s appeal when it comes to the time to sell.

Full detailing services available

Give your car a deep gloss look with a protective layer that lasts. Benefits of ceramic coating your car include:

  • Exterior wash: Clean all exterior surfaces of the car to make your pride shine.
  • Interior wash: Make your car a joy to be in by with a fully cleaned interior.
  • Convertible roof clean: Cleaning a convertible roof to remove dirt and moss will have the car looking like new again.
  • Paint correction: Remove light scratches and swirl marks with paint correction to get the deep gloss look back.
  • Engine bay detailing: You might not be looking at it regularly but keeping the engine bay clean might add years to your cars lifespan.
  • Headlight restoration: Foggy headlights are one of the most common reasons for MOT failures. A headlight restoration will remove the mist and give them back a clear view.
  • Wax application: Keep your car cleaner for longer with an application of a ceramic wax.

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Every Autobead Accredited Detailer has demonstrated their work meets the highest standards the detailing industry has to offer.

Equipped with a full understanding of the Autobead range of premium products, you can expect outstanding results, every time.

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