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Wheel Good Kit

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Revitalise wheels and keep them looking their best.


Clean wheels are a key for component of any vehicle detail. The Wheel Kit combines exceptional products and market leading accessories.

Combine the ready-to-use Alloy Cleaner and Squall Wheel Brush to breakdown stubborn dirt and debris. The Work Stuff Detailing Brush is for the more intricate areas of the alloy.

Once clean, the colour changing Iron Remover will breakdown ferrous metals. Simply rinse away after a few minutes.

To finish, the Autobead Tyre Dressing provides the perfect final touch for the best possible looking wheels.

What's Included

Alloy Cleaner 500ml: A ready-to-use, non-acidic wheel cleaner that will aggressively destroy brake dust and contaminants whilst remaining safe for all wheel types.

Iron Remover 500ml: Visibly see iron bleed from the surfaces of your vehicle, safely removing ferrous metals from wheels and body work.

Tyre Dressing 500ml Revitalise your tyres to provide a fresh, flexible finish and protect them from UV rays and cracking.

Foam Applicator: Our super plush polish and wax applicator pad fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to apply your favourite polishes, waxes and sealants

Work Stuff 30mm Detailing Brush: A high quality detailing brushes for use inside and outside the car. Work Stuff Detailing Brushes BLACK are one of the best brushes available on the market!

Work Stuff Squall Wheel Brush: The Work Stuff Squall Wheel Brush is a professional, high quality wheel brush to wash wheels.

Rag Company Gauntlet Drying Towel for Wheels: A high quality drying towel for wheels using a twist-loop hybrid design which achieves high levels of absorbency .