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Setup Your Instagram Profile to Increase Enquiries

Setup Your Instagram Profile to Increase Enquiries

Proud of your work?
Love showing it off?
Love it even more when someone finds your work, recognises how good it is and now wants to use your services too?

Well, it is time to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table and give your Instagram profile a professional makeover.

Accessibility is KEY! Some prospects are writers and some are talkers, make sure your profile accommodates both to give yourself the best chance of an enquiry.


Structure and Contents

Your profile is your 30 second sales pitch and every element counts.

Username Vs Name – The username is you handle and this is how you will be searched for using the @. Keep this as your business name as this is how clients will most likely search for you. As for the name, we would recommend you still have it as the business name and include your name at the end. This tells people who you are and gives that personal touch. (After all people like to know who they are talking to)

Profile picture – Keep it classy, either your business logo or a professional profile image. Yes, people might like pictures of a cute dog but that is not going to help people find you.

Bio – This is your chance to introduce yourself. Give your audience information, not a list of emojis or your latest gym PB. Keep is relevant and to the point.

To increase the chance of prospects engaging and contacting you make sure you have the following information within your profile:

  • Say who you are. (People want to know who they are speaking to, the person behind the business)
  • Provide a short description of the services you provide with details of the area you cover 
  • Contact phone number AND link to your website OR Facebook business page

    Here is an example of what this might look like:


    Top tips:

    1. To be able to put text onto a new line, create the profile text within a Facebook update status and then copy it in. Simple, but it helps make the text clear and easier to read.
    2. If you have several platforms you would like to share with your audience then you can use Linktree. This is a single link that will host several links to different locations i.e Your website, email address, social media accounts, YouTube/Blog, shop or training courses.

    Team Autobead

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