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How to clean exhaust pipes

How to clean exhaust pipes

Detailing is all about paying attention to the finer details and going that extra mile to make sure your car looks its absolute best. Details matter. That includes taking the time to clean the often overlooked and forgotten areas like the exhaust pipes. Having clean and gleaming pipes can make all the difference and set your car apart.

This blog will step you through how to clean and polish your exhaust pipes.

Wash your tips

Start off by washing your exhaust pipes, it is best to do this after you have done your wheels as it requires much of the same wash media. Although we do recommend having designated wash media for these types of dirtier jobs to reduce the risk of cross contamination and limits the chance of spreading the contaminates, dirt and grime around the paintwork of your vehicle.

Rinse down the exhaust pipes to ensure they are cool and surface dirt has been washed away. Liberally spray your designated cleaner (we recommend our Heavy Dirt or APC products) over the exhaust pipe and clean using various wash brushes including barrel brushes and (if necessary) wire wool.

If there is heavy carbon and contamination remaining on the exhaust pipes you may wish to use an Iron Remover product to help remove these deposits.

Polish the exhaust pipes

Now you have cleaned your exhaust pipes you may see some marks, water spots or oxidation which will spoil the appearance of the exhausts.

You can remove these defects by polishing the exhaust pipes using Metal Polish. Simply apply the product to a designated microfibre cloth or a foam applicator and work into the area using a cross-hatch or circular motion. Carry out this process until the contamination and defects have been removed or the desired finish has been achieved.

You will then need to follow up with a clean, dry microfibre cloth and buff off any product residue to reveal a perfectly clean and shiny finish.

Now that your exhausts have been cleaned and polished you can step back and admire your handiwork.

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