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How to Clean Car Interiors

How to Clean Car Interiors

Maintenance Clean vs Deep Clean

It is essential to clean the inside of your car, as well as the outside.

We've all seen those cars where you must empty the passenger seat before getting in! Back seat like the Bermuda triangle. Things get discarded and who knows that you'd find back there - from forgotten sports gear, random bits of fast food and the vast array of (hopefully) empty drink bottles!

A Guide to Cleaning Car interiors.

This how-to guide will step you through how to revive your interiors, whether it be a simple maintenance or a deep-dive deep clean. Make sure to take note of the often areas like the glove box, any storage compartments, in the vents and mirrors.

How to carry out a Car Interior Maintenance Clean

What you will need:

Clean the Plastic Surfaces

Using an interior detailer, you can wipe down the plastic surfaces. The Autobead Interior Detailer is safe to use on multiple surfaces, including vinyl, metals, rubbers and leather.

Top Tip: Have the hoover hose handy; when you're wiping vents etc., you can brush the dust and dirt directly into the hoover, giving you less mess to clean off the floor.

Clean the Leather seats

Leather seats are always satisfying to lean and can have a significant transformation. Taking a detail brush and the Autobead Leather Cleaner, gently massage the product into the seat.

Remember to recline the seats back to get in all the gaps. Wipe off the product and dry the seats using a clean microfibre towel. You may even want to get some 50/50 or before and after shots for the gram! (Don't forget to tag us @autobead so we can see all your handiwork).

Clean the Glass

Finish off with the windows. It is essential to take your time here as it is common to struggle to get a clean, streak-free finish with glass. Autobead Glass Cleaner has superior cleaning performance and is easy-to-use.

Have two Microfiber towels, one for cleaning and one for drying. Initially, spray the glass cleaner generously onto the MF towel, and wipe the glass either in one direction or using the crosshatch method. Follow behind with the second dry microfiber cloth; this will remove any excess product and prevent smears.

Top Tip: Clean the interior glass horizontally and the exterior glass vertically. If there are any smears, this will make it easier to see which side of the glass it is on.

We Have a Kit for That!

The Autobead Interior Kit has all that you need to clean and dress all the interior surfaces, reviving that natural look.

The All Purpose Cleaner and Glass Cleaner provide the perfect cleaning power for any interior surfaces.

The Interior Detailer is a real “star of the show”. Suitable for all interior surfaces, it rejuvenates and leaves a classy, beautifully scented, matte finish.

Paired with the correct microfiber towels, which come in the kit, then you will be able to achieve a perfectly clean finish every time!

The Interior Kit is available here.

How to carry out a Car Interior Deep Clean

Why not give your interior a deep clean if you want the ultimate interior finish? Here is the extra equipment you will need:

  • Steamer
  • Wet Vacuum
  • Detailing swabs

Cleaning using Steam

Starting with the steamer, follow the same top-down method and remember to not to concentrate the steam on only one area for any given time as to not damage the surface. Steaming is suitable for killing bacteria and cleaning stubborn stains while loosening any grime, making it easier to clean and remove.

Clean with a Wet Vacuum (Wet Vac)

A Wet Vac will be an excellent investment if you want to wash your seats or mats. When using the wet vac it is important to avoid drenching the fabric as it will be harder to dry.

We recommend completing one wet pass, following up again on any spots that need extra agitation then completing several dry passes. We are trying to avoid saturating the seats and remove as much moisture as possible to allow them to dry out quickly.

In terms of the finer details, you can use various detail brushes, swabs, toothpicks etc., to clean out the tight spots around the interior, like vents, along dash trims and the gearstick.



Now you have your interior cleaned and dried, finish with a generous spray of your favourite scent or add a new hanging air freshener, and you're good to go! We look forward to seeing your results!

@autobead #DetailLikeAPro

Team Autobead

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