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Spray Sealant


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An advanced sealant offering user-friendly application, extreme durability, and immense water behaviour.

This product will leave behind a scintillating gloss whilst making future maintenance easy. Suitable for paint, glass, and wheels.

This balanced blend of silicone polymers and silica resins in a low volatile organic compound solvent carrier provide a strong bond to the surface of the vehicle. The crosslink mechanics result in extended durability of up to 9-months.

How to Apply

Apply the Spray Sealant using the process outlined below:

  • Ensure surface is clean and dry.
  • Apply using microfibre application or sparingly, direct to the panel.
  • Gently work the product in straight lines, ensuring an even coverage.
  • Allow two to three minutes for the product to bond to the surface.
  • Using a buffing towel, buff off to reveal a stunning gloss finish.

Special care:

Avoid over application, as this can lead to smearing and difficulty in removal.