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Polish & Compounds Collection


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Premium polishes and  compounds, developed to achieve the perfect finish

What's included

Polish 500ml: Remove surface imperfections such as light swirls and oxidation whilst leaving a smooth and glossy finish.

Heavy Cut Compound 500ml: A heavy cut and intense polishing compound designed to remove heavy scratches, defects and sanding marks up to 1500 grade.

Medium Cut Compound 500ml: An intense polishing compound designed to remove and correct medium to heavy scratches.

Finishing Compound 500ml: Remove holograms and fine scratches with this ultra fine polishing compound.

Ceramic Infused AIO 500ml: Remove swirls, defects, imperfections, and sanding marks up to 2500 grade. The infusion of a nano ceramic coating will provide a layer of protection boasting intense gloss and a durability of up to 3 months.

Metal Polish 150ml: Remove corrosion, tarnish, and discolouration from metals and return them to their natural origin.