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Graphene Wax


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Are you ready to try the next generation of surface protection?

Graphene is at the leading-edge of surface protection. Molecular in size, it forms an incredibly strong bond to the surface that delivers unique performance properties.

Expect a sharp, crisp gloss and sheeting water behaviour from this easy to apply wax. The water sheeting means that the vehicle will enjoy enhanced self cleaning capabilities and no water spotting.

This wax will deliver 12-months of protection when properly maintained.

Each pot of this hard detailing wax provides up to 15 applications.

How to Apply
  • Apply a thin layer to the paintwork of your vehicle using a dedicated applicator.
  • Application is in straight lines, directional the way in which the water falls from the vehicle.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight, with panel temperatures cool to touch.
  • Allow a 2-3 minute curing time before removing with a clean, dry microfibre towel.
  • Apply a second layer to obtain optimal results.
  • Buff all treated surfaces with a plush buffing towel to reveal a high gloss finish.