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Detail in a Day

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A day designed specifically for new, passionate enthusiasts who wish to learn how to take their car from pre-wash to wax application to a professional standard.

Every course is hosted by an elite AutoBead accredited professional. They have honed their craft for many years, they’re passionate about perfection, and are now excited to share their knowledge.

Each class contains no more than six attendees, helping to ensure every participant receives the attention and guidance they require to advance their skills.

What the day includes

The course covers the following:

Pre-wash: The essential contactless wash phase. A detailer's opportunity to remove compacted dirt and grit without making physical contact with the paint. An effective pre-wash routine is the most important step in preventing any damage to the paint surface during the contact wash.

Contact wash: Learn the intricacies of the two (and three) wash bucket methods, why it is important, and why it will help to protect vehicles from surface damage.

Engine bay, shuts and wheels: There is great satisfaction knowing that every part of the car has received the attention it deserves. We will cover how to clean every part of the car including those that are hard to reach and not regularly seen.

Decontamination: Airborne iron particle fallout is an unseen menace to car paintwork and alloy wheels which are also assaulted by brake dust and the correct iron remover product is the next step after washing. You will learn how to thoroughly remove iron fragment contamination and brake dust leaving both wheel and paint surfaces ready for the final stages of your detail

Polishing: “Polish”- the most misused word in the industry. Find out what it really means to polish a car, removing surface imperfections and unveiling the true beauty of the paint. You will get hands on experience on removing paintwork swirls, remove key scratches around door handles, and other fine scratching.

Wax application: A wax will deliver a beautiful gloss finish and hydrophobic properties allowing the car to stay cleaner for longer. You will master the skills of surface preparation and applying a wax which locks in your hard work.

Glass and finishing touches: A job isn’t complete until the glass surfaces are crystal clean and the detail dressings have been applied. You will learn the small details that make a big impact. Interior Make the interior an environment you love to be in. Learn how to clean all interior surfaces, rejuvenate worn areas, and keep it well maintained for years to come.