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Ceramic Trim Dressing


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Rejuvenate tired and discoloured plastic trims and rubber with this all-in-one Ceramic Trim Dressing


Autobead Ceramic Trim will bond to the surface, demonstrating lasting hydrophobic properties whilst returning trim to their factory finish.

Formulated using nano ceramic dispersion, our trim dressing offers durable results, meaning trims will be restored to a factory finish for weeks, not days.

Top Tip

Autobead Ceramic Trim dressing can also be used on the paintwork of your vehicle, offering strong and durable protection for up to 5 months. Application is a simple spray and buff method, which is why we also include a spray head with the product.

How to Apply

To use the product follow the steps outlined below.

  • Mist onto a short pile microfibre or applicator.
  • Gently work in straight lines onto surface.
  • Allow 2-minutes for the product to cure.
  • Use a clean microfibre to buff dry.