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Ceramic Quick Detailer


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Maintain coatings, sealants, and waxes, adding an additional layer of protection to your vehicle with this ultimate quick detailing spray.


Formulated using a cunning blend of nano ceramic particles and reactive polysiloxanes, this product will add an additional layer of ceramic protection to the surface, offering a durability of approximately 6 months. A perfect companion to be used in conjunction with our Ceramic coatings or hard detailing waxes, prolonging their life and injecting a boost in gloss.

Autobead Ceramic Quick Detailer delivers on its promise offering unparalleled levels of gloss and superior hydrophobic properties. Suitable for multiple surfaces, including paintwork, glass, plastics, wheels, and trims. Can be applied to dry surfaces or is suitable for use as a drying aid.

How to Apply

To use the product follow the steps outlined below.

  • Mist onto a short pile microfibre and apply to the chosen surface.
  • Gently work in straight lines, ensuring coverage of the entire panel.
  • Using a clean and dry microfibre towel, buff off to reveal a stunning, deep gloss finish.