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Ceramic Infused AIO


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An intensive surface polish which can achieve significant correction, whilst finishing to high gloss and hologram free results. The infusion of a nano ceramic coating will lay down protection durable for up to 3 months.


Swirls, defects, imperfections, and sanding marks up to 2500 grade can be removed using this All-in-One compound.

This product is compatible with all paint types and is adaptive to abrasive and softer pad choice. It is low in dust formation and user friendly in nature, making this a desirable polishing compound for both enthusiasts and professionals.

How to Apply

To use the product follow the steps outlined below.

  • Shake well before use
  • Use with a rotary or dual action polishing machine.
  • Apply desired amount of polish to polishing pad.
  • With the machine switched off, spread the compound around the panel.
  • With the machine switched on, and applying medium pressure, work in a crosswise motion until a clear film appears on the paint surface.
  • Remove remaining traces of polish with a microfibre towel and buff to a high gloss finish.

Top Tip:

To prolong the life and maintain the performance of your polishing pads, ensure they are blown or brushed out regularly during use and ensure they are given rest periods. Pads can be costly if not cared for.