Professional 4+ Year Ceramic Coatings 

For Professional Detailers Only

Ground Breaking 4+ Year Ceramic Coatings

The AutoBead SILEX Pro series is a professional range of ceramic coatings offering 4+ years of protection for all car surfaces.

AutoBead SILEX SERIES groundbreaking coatings range, exclusively for approved professionals, are now accepting applications for region specific Certified Applicators. Apply for full information.

Orders received by non approved professionals will be refunded.


Leather protection that lasts and does not suffer from the effects of abrasion, enriching the leathers natural appearance and feel.

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  • Lasts over 2 years

  • Very resistant to abrasion

  • Pure SIO2 formula using true nanotechnology

  • Super hydrophobic

  • Breathable

  • UV protection

  • No change to the haptic fibre

Apply to become an AutoBead certified applicator

  • Up to 25% discount

  • Next day delivery

  • Free maintenance kits for clients

  • Free product stand

  • Unit signage

  • Staff merchandise

  • Local exclusivity