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Our mission is to enable customers to clean,prepare, shine and protect their car’s in the most effective and efficient way possible. To achieve this we use premium ingredients to deliver outstanding products, simplify messaging and place it all on beautiful packaging.

AutoBead is a brand trusted by professionals, used by everyone!

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What our customer say

"The shine you're left with is one to be proud of and one you'd expect from a product more then 3 times the price. I got some great 'invisible car' shots. Protection is visible the moment water hits it. I highly recommend shine + protect. A must have in your kit!"

Phil Severn

7 Autocare Detailing

This is one of THE easiest ways to shine and protect your car. All that is needed is a bottle of Shine + Protect and 2 microfibre cloths.Gives it a just waxed look in minutes and lasts for a long time. Perfect if time is of an essence as a whole car can be completed in 10-15 minutes."

Andy Smith

Clean Your Ride

I've been using automotive cleaning products for many years and to have a product that can be applied and give that just waxed look in a matter of minutes is stunning! If only I could post the picture here of the car! Cannot recommend enough!"

Andy Hunter

Hunter Detailing

trusted by professionals, used by everyone!