Launch Kit

Clean, prepare, shine and protect every element of your car's exterior in under 60 minutes

What's Included

  • C+P Alloy Cleaner: Return your alloys to their showroom best. Fast, effective and efficient alloy cleaner that instantly gets to work bringing your alloys back to life in under 10 minutes.
  • C+P Shampoo: Made from premium grade minerals and lubricants. It breaks down dirt and lifts it from the surface in moments. An average sized family car is complete in under 15 minutes.
  • C+P Glass Cleaner: Immediately cuts through stubborn marks, dirt and grime to leave you with perfectly clean and prepared glass. Smear free formula delivers crystal clear glass in under 10 minutes.
  • S+P Spray Sealant: Unique SiO2 formula enhances the gloss of all surfaces (paintwork, glass, rubber) and leaving a protective layer which lasts up to 6 months, full application takes under 10 minutes.
  • S+P Tyre Dressing: Revitalise your tyre rubber with this easy-to-use dressing. Tired tyre rubber comes back to life in under 5 minutes.

What You'll Need

  • Phase 1: C+P Alloy Cleaner, brush, pressure washer (optional)
  • Phase 2: S+P Shampoo,two buckets, wash mitt OR sponge, drying towel
  • Phase 3: C+P Glass Cleaner, clean microfibre
  • Phase 4: S+P Spray Sealant, two clean microfibre cloths
  • Phase 5: S+P Tyre Dressing, clean cloth

Phase 1

Minute 1: Rinse wheels thoroughly, ideally using a pressure washer to remove any excess dirt.

Minute 3: Thoroughly spray every inch of each alloy and leave to rest for 2 minutes.

Minute 6: Using a brush, agitate the alloys, paying particular attention to the most stubborn areas of dirt.

Minute 10: Rinse each wheel with clean water to wash away dirt.

Phase 2

Minute 11: Prepare two buckets of clean warm water.

Minute 12: Add two caps of Clean + Prepare Shampoo to one of the buckets of water.

Minute 13: Rinse the car to remove any excess / loose dirt.

Minute 15: Soak your wash mitt / sponge into the shampoo bucket and begin shampooing the car from the roof down. Between each soak in the shampoo bucket, be sure to rinse your wash mitt / sponge in the clean water bucket, to remove all dirt and grit.

Minute 21: Leave the shampoo suds to sit on the car for 1 minute.

Minute 23: Rinse the vehicle clean, starting from the highest point of the car, to ensure all remaining dirt runs off the bottom of the car.

Minute 25: Using a drying towel, thoroughly dry all exterior surfaces.

Phase 3

Minute 26: Apply C+P Glass Cleaner to glass surfaces and spread evenly, leaving to rest on surface for 1 minute.

Minute 30: Buff surfaces clean with a clean microfibre cloth.

Phase 4

Minute 35: Spray each panel of the vehicle with Shine + Protect Spray Sealant, evening out with a clean microfibre, leave the product to rest on each panel and move onto the next.

Minute 42: Now product has been applied and evened out on every panel, buff off using a clean microfibre, starting with the first panel you applied the product to.

Phase 5

Minute 50: Spray S+P Tyre Dressing onto the clean and dry tyre wall, spreading with a clean cloth immediately after application. Repeating on each of the tyres.

Minute 55: Your wheels, bodywork and windows have now been cleaned, prepared, shined and protected.

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Our starter kit includes the Alloy Cleaner, Shampoo, Glass Cleaner Spray Sealant and Tyre Dressing for £42

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