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Ceramic Protect & Maintain

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Ceramic grade protection and performance in a wax and QD. 

Designed and developed in the UK, this flagship wax kit provides everything you require for wax application and maintenance of the protection. 


A perfectly measured balance of titanium, ceramic (SiO2), and carnauba delivers an easy-to-use wax, which provides an irresistible deep gloss and impressive water behaviour, which really lasts. The results really speak for themselves. 

The perfect product to keep your wax maintained is the Ceramic Quick Detailer. Effortlessly rejuvenate gloss, protection, and water behaviour. 

This kit includes the premium cloths, wax applicator, and Surface Prep you require for the best possible application, bond, and lasting durability.

What's Included

Titanium Ceramic Wax 100ml: This premium wax delivers intense gloss, durability, and water behaviour. Easy on, easy off with a durability of 12 months, if maintained. Expect 15 full car applications, per pot. 

Ceramic Quick Detailer 500ml: Maintain coatings, sealants, and waxes, adding an additional layer of protection to your vehicle with this ultimate quick detailing spray.

Surface Prep 500ml: Remove existing silicones, waxes, and sealants to ensure a better bond is established between the paint and newly selected surface protection.

Two Premium Pearl Knit Edgeless Microfibres: High quality seamless premium microfibre cloth ideal for sensitive surfaces and paintwork.

Rag Company Eagle Edgeless Buffing Towel: The Eagle 500 is The Rag Company's flagship towel. 500GSM of plushness and softness. Buff detailing sprays, waxes and sealants with ease.

Work Stuff Handy Wax Applicator: A supremely premium and comfortable wax applicator. 

How to Apply

Surface Prep:
- Ensure surface is clean, dry and cool to touch.
- Spray directly onto surface and wipe off with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Ceramic Wax:
- Apply a thin layer to the paintwork of your vehicle using a dedicated applicator. - Application can be in circular or cross hatch motions.
- Do not apply in direct sunlight, with panel temperatures cool to touch.
- Allow a 2-3 minute curing time before removing with a clean, dry microfibre towel.
- Apply a second layer to obtain optimal results.
- Buff all treated surfaces with a plush buffing towel to reveal a high gloss finish.

Quick Detailer:
- Mist onto a short pile microfibre and the paintwork of the vehicle.
- Gently work in straight lines.
- Using a buffing towel, buff off to reveal a stunning, deep gloss finish.