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Silex Go

Silex Go, ceramic coatings for those on-the-go. A range of coatings designed for professional enthusiasts, mobile detailers and unit-based detailers. The Silex Series is widely considered the best ceramic coating for outdoor application by professional auto detailers due to a self-levelling formula and 2-hour cure time for all exterior surfaces.

With a specific product for paint, glass, alloy, fabric and leather, the range offers the opportunity of a full car coating, with products optimised for each surface. Our Ceramic Wax is the perfect coating for your car, regardless of make and model.

If you’re looking for the best ceramic coating for cars which can be applied outdoors and indoors, look no further than the AutoBead Silex Series. You can expect a candy-like gloss and great water behaviour for your paintwork; windows with crystal clear visibility; alloys which repel contaminants; an interior which stays looking fresh, and 1 or 2-years of durability for each surface.