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Remove surface imperfections such as light swirls and oxidation whilst leaving a smooth and glossy finish.


This micro abrasive cleansing polish can be applied by hand or machine, preparing the vehicles paintwork perfectly, ready for the application of your chosen wax or sealant.

How to Apply

To use the product follow the steps outlined below.

  • Place several pea sized drops of polish on an application pad.
  • Work the product in a circular motion on the surface of the vehicle or by machine if preferred.
  • The self-degrading formula will disappear and cleanse the surface.
  • Using a clean and dry microfibre towel, buff off to reveal a rejuvenated and glossy finish.

Top Tip:

For best results, clay the paintwork of your vehicle prior to using the polish and use Autobead Surface Prep after polishing and before applying your chosen sealant or wax.