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Wash Kit

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Conquer the contact wash, with the very best.

The contact wash is technically the most high-risk element of the detailing process. Danger of causing harm to the surface can be avoided by using a high lubricity shampoo, quality wash mitt, and super absorbent drying towel.

The Wash Kit delivers on all three. Our Pure Shampoo is renowned as one of the ‘slickest’ on the market, with the cleaning power to match. This microfibre premium wash-mitt lifts dirt from the surface into its fibres to prevent micro-scratching. Finally, The Rag Company Liquid8r soaks up every ounce of moisture your freshly washed car has to offer.

Detail like a Pro with this exceptional Wash Kit.

What's Included

Pure Shampoo 500ml: Achieve clean, bright, and streak free surfaces by removing road dirt, grime, and traffic film with ease.

Premium Wash-mitt High quality microfibre/cotton wash-mitt with ultra fine micro-fibres that provide a soft and delicate clean.

The Rag Company Liquid8r 25"x36": A drying towel that feels substantial and absorbs everything that it touches.