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Car care accessories are the unsung heroes of detailing. Getting the right car cleaning cloths can be the difference between the perfect finish and something that is just OK.

AutoBead have worked with some of the biggest names in detailing and car cleaning accessories, such as The Rag Company, to bring you a range of excellent products which will allow you to experience the very best results from the maintenance range products you choose.

If it is a car wash mitt you’re looking for, our Noodle Wash Mitt and Microfibre Wash Mitt are two fantastic options to protect your car from surface damage when conducting any contact-washing. The excellent range of plush drying towels, buffing cloths, and glass towels have been carefully selected. You will not be disappointed.


    "A great mitt that does exactly what you would expect."- PB Ultra Plush Micro-Noodle Wash mitt is super soft so provides a very safe wash. De...

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