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Clean rubber mat

How To Clean Rubber Car Mats

We use supplementary car mats to help protect the carpet from scuffs, dirt as well as general wear and tear. Sometimes they come supplied with a vehicle but more often than not they are an optional extra or we buy them online.

Rubber mats are durable and waterproof, making them the perfect option for work vehicles, high-mileage users or folks who live an active outdoor lifestyle. Best of all, they are really easy to clean

What you will need

How to clean rubber mats

It is easy to clean rubber mats by virtue of the fact that they can be removed ad cleaned outside the vehicle. Therefore it makes sense to attend to them when cleaning the exterior.

Power wash

Start by power washing the mats, this will remove the loose dirt from the surface.

Use an All Purpose Cleaner

List the mat to drain the excess water off then spray liberally with All Purpose Cleaner. Allow the product to have a short dwell time to soften the remaining dirt before agitating with the detail brush. You may wish to rinse your brush in a bucket of water, depending on how dirty the mats are.


Rinse the mats off using the power washer and if there is stubborn dirt still remaining then repeat the process.


You can let the mats air dry while you continue working on the rest of the vehicle. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber cloth to dry off the mats.

How to clean coloured rubber car mats

Rubber mats can be supplied in complementary colours to match different interiors. Although Autobead APC is safe to use on various surfaces and there are typically no specific requirements when cleaning rubber mats, if you prefer to air on the side of caution you can carry out a test patch to ensure the products are suitable for the rubber mats.

Caution: Although the temptation may be there to dress mats to give them that jet black shine, we highly recommend leaving the natural look. Not only does it give a nicer finish but it is also safer than adding a slick product which will cause your footwear to slip while driving.

Team Autobead

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