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Clean rubber mat

How To Clean Rubber Car Mats

We use supplementary car mats to help protect car carpet. Sometimes they come supplied with a vehicle but more often than not they are on the option list at extra expense or we buy them online. The fitted carpet variety are best but any rubber mat will protect carpet from scuffs and dirt. Best of all, they are really easy to clean. Here’s how:

What to clean rubber car mats with

  • Water.
  • Bucket, hose or pressure washer.
  • Snow foam and/or car shampoo.
  • All purpose car interior cleaner.
  • Stiff brush.

Rubber car mats are designed to protect and can be inexpensive. They are waterproof and do a good job of protecting foot-wells. They are perfect for work or for high mileage users or folk who lead outdoor lifestyle. Put simply they protect car carpets from mucky footwear, mud and spillages. They last a long time too.

It’s easy to clean rubber car mats by virtue of the fact that they can be removed and cleaned away from the vehicle. Rubber mats are tough and can take a thorough washing so why not attend to them when cleaning the car exterior?

A wash with pre-wash snow foam and/or car shampoo will do the job. A spray with an all-purpose interior cleaner will get rid of any stubborn marks.

How to clean black rubber car mats

First, brush off any mud and loose material, making sure to get into any grooves or edge detail. Snow foam, ideal as a pre-wash for dirty car bodywork because it really helps to shirt dried on dirt and mud, can be sprayed via an in-line lance attached to pressure washers, onto the rubber mats at the same to loosen any dirt or mud. Any stubborn mud or dirt can be dealt with using an all-purpose cleaner and a brush or microfibre cloth. Allow to air dry or dry more quickly utilising a robust microfibre drying towel, which, incidentally, is good for drying allow wheels too.

For black rubber mats, why not finish off with a quick spray of tyre dressing? It will add an extra shine.

Top Tip: Mats made from carpet or fabric need treating differently. Clean them as you would the carpet in the vehicle. You can see how to do that in our article on this page.

How to clean beige rubber car mats

Some mats are supplied in complementary colours to match car interiors. Beige is a popular colour but, with rubber mats, doesn’t require any specially different cleaning. Obviously mats made of carpet material need to be treated the same as interior carpets but rubber doesn’t. Clean as detailed above but do ensure that the cleaning products are neutral and colour-fast, although this is unlikely to be an issue.

It’s always best to use car mats. They protect the fitted carpet from the worst of treatment. Supermarkets often sell after-market brands at reasonable prices so once they get too worn or damaged they are easily replaced.

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