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Are you damaging your cars paintwork by not including this step in your wash process?

While research has shown that 72% of people clean their cars often, the sad truth is that most of them damage their cars paintwork during the process.

The majority of the damage is caused during the contact wash process.  Before cleaning a car it will have a lot of dirt on the surface. As the car is cleaned using a shampoo and mitt (hopefully everyone has moved on from the dreaded sponge) dirt is dragged across the cars delicate paintwork.

This action causes significant micro-scratches and swirl marks, which dramatically alter the appearance of the car and colour of the paint.

Swirl Marks

Introducing the Contactless Wash

The most effective defence against causing damage to a vehicle during a wash, is the contactless wash phase.

The idea is to remove as much dirt and grime from the vehicle as possible, without having to make any physical contact. The removal is achieved with specialist products and pressured water.

A new generation of “contactless wash” products have experienced explosive growth due to their effectiveness. Product categories such as “Snow Foam”, “Pre-Cleaners”, and “Heavy Dirt Removers” have emerged to provide users with a range of options to suit the equipment they possess, and the severity of dirt and debris on the car. Each product delivers the same result of softening the debris on the car for maximum contactless removal.

Snow Foam

Snow Foam products are high-foaming formula’s designed to be applied via a Foam Gun attached to a pressure washer.

Alternatively, a hand-pump can be used for dispersion, however this method is less likely to fully activate the foaming agents, and a user will see more pre-cleaning effectiveness from a designated “Pre-Cleaner” or “Heavy Dirt” Remover.

The applied Snow Foam is left to dwell for 10-minutes, softening any debris and grime on the surface. Once the dwell period is complete, users remove the Snow Foam with water from the Pressure Washer, starting at the highest point of the vehicle. This helps to ensure the as much dirt and grime as possible drain from the skirting of the car.

Snow Foam’s are praised for their effectiveness and aesthetic effect. The foam-covered car can be quite the spectacle.

Users should be prepared to use a Pre-cleaner and / or Heavy Dirt Remover after applying a Snow Foam to maximise the effectiveness of the contactless wash.

Heavy Dirt Removers

Heavy Dirt Removers are at the leading edge of the pre-clean category. Without the need for aggressive cleaning agents, these highly effective formula’s cut through any unwanted surface grime. This includes bird lime, bugs, and stubborn contamination.

Heavy Dirt Removers are applied from a spray bottle, making them easy to use whenever and wherever.

The application process means the product lends itself to addressing the more intricate areas of the car, e.g. engine bay, door shuts, hard plastics, and rubber surfaces.

They are often dilutable too, which means they provide extremely good value and are flexible to the current state of cleanliness of any car.

What makes Heavy Dirt even more impressive is that it is wax and sealant safe, meaning any existing surface protections on the vehicle will absolutely be maintained.

The Autobead Pre Wash Duo

Autobead Snow Foam and Heavy Dirt are expertly formulated products which break down dirt for easy rinse and removal without degrading any existing surface protection.

Pre Wash Duo

Heavy Dirt 1L: A citrus pre-wash designed to remove bugs, bird lime, and stubborn contamination from all exterior surfaces of the vehicle.

Snow Foam 1L: Safely remove traffic film, dirt, and other harmful deposits with this concentrated pre-wash.

If you are looking to Detail like a Pro, make sure you have these two products in your armoury.

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As Britain’s seasonal weather has become more extreme, there has been a greater demand on car owners to clean and maintain their vehicle more often. Washing away summer and winter debris, pollen, and road salts, respectively.

If car owners can ensure that they, or the service provider, cleaning their car avoids these three CRITICAL errors, then they will maximise the chance that no damage is done to the exterior of their car.

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