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The AutoBead Favourites


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Limited time offer! Buy our CERAMIC WAX and receive a SAMPLE KIT free of charge. 

"All I can say is wow!! The quality of products is phenomenal! My car’s paint literally now feels like glass!"- Gareth C

Experience the best of AutoBead with a selection of our favourite products. 

What's Included

Do you love free samples? Now's your chance to try five best-sellers from the AutoBead range. Receive FIVE exceptional 100ml samples when you buy our CERAMIC WAX. Now is your chance to try the best. 

(50ml) CERAMIC WAX: AutoBeads SiO2 infused CERAMIC WAX combines the latest in ceramic protection technology and premium carnauba wax. The innovative formula is simple to apply, delivering outstanding paint protection, deep gloss and a slick surface for incredible water behaviour.

  • SiO2 Infused
  • Easy to apply
  • Outstanding protection

A 50ml pot is enough for six full applications.  

The AutoBead Favourites KIT: 

PREMIUM SHAMPOO: A pH neutral, hyper concentrated premium shampoo with rich suds and an addictive bilberry scent.

SPRAY SEALANT: Long lasting, easy to apply SiO2 based spray sealant that repels dirt and amplifies shine making future washes quicker and easier.

POLISH: Prepare your vehicles paintwork perfectly for the application of your chosen sealant or wax.

QUICK DETAILER: An ideal product for shows, showrooms and achieving that final finish. This product safely removes fingerprints, dust, smears and smudges. It's indulgent bilberry scent makes it a pleasure to use.

GLASS CLEANER: Immediately cuts through stubborn marks, dirt and grime to leave you with perfectly clean and prepared glass.

INTERIOR DETAILER: This is the perfect product to provide that feel-good interior finish. The anti-static, matte-finish formula is optimised for rejuvenating interior surfaces, whilst leaving behind a delightful scent.