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"A great kit that provides the necessary products." - James

Arm yourself with the essential products needed to clean your car exterior with one of our most popular car cleaning sets.

What's included

SNOW FOAM: A concentrated prewash used to safely remove traffic film, dirt and other harmful deposits.

PREMIUM SHAMPOO: PH neutral thick suds shampoo, instantly breaks down dirt, making it easy and safe to use.

GLASS CLEANER: Immediately cuts through stubborn marks, dirt and grime to leave you with perfectly clean and prepared glass.

SPRAY SEALANT: Long lasting, easy to apply SiO2 based spray sealant that repels dirt and amplifies shine making future washes quicker and easier.

ALLOY CLEANER: Return your alloys to their showroom best. Fast, effective and efficient alloy cleaner that instantly gets to work.

IRON REMOVER: Return your alloys to their showroom best. fast effective and efficient iron remover that instantly gets work.