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This High-Tech towel is constructed from a sandwich technique - Outer layers; front and back, our Diamond Weave Microfibre with a highly absorbent Premium Microfibre inner layer.

This is a unique product designed and developed to be used in the automotive industry. A lot of our detailing customers have expressed their amazement at how good, durable and soft these cloths are and how well they work for drying off cars - These really are the next generation in the automotive market.

The towel has been trialled extensively within this industry with amazing results. It is extremely soft and is more absorbent than any other product on the market. It will remove some soiling and any salt deposits etc without smearing. It is built to withstand a high level of use and abuse. We have also had great success with the towel as it is the most efficient product for drying paintwork and glass. Once you have tried this you will never use a chamois, flunky or terry drying towel again.

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