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"Quite simply the best wax I have ever used."- Adam Gardner

Get the ultimate deep gloss finish and surface protection.

Exposing your car to the elements such as salt, grit and UV rays will take it's toll on the paintwork causing corosion, oxidation and losing it's deep gloss look.

Get all you need to achieve and maintain an incredible gloss finish and incredible water behaviour with our CERAMIC WAX & AutoBead FAVOURITES KIT. These products are a pleasure to use making the application as enjoyable as the end result.

What's Included


PREMIUM SHAMPOO: A pH neutral, hyper concentrated premium shampoo with rich suds and an addictive bilberry scent.

POLISH: Prepare your vehicles paintwork perfectly for the application of your chosen sealant or wax.

QUICK DETAILER: An ideal product for shows, showrooms and achieving that final finish. This product safely removes fingerprints, dust, smears and smudges. It's indulgent bilberry scent makes it a pleasure to use.

GLASS CLEANER: Immediately cuts through stubborn marks, dirt and grime to leave you with perfectly clean and prepared glass.

INTERIOR DETAILER: This is the perfect product to provide that feel-good interior finish. The anti-static, matte-finish formula is optimised for rejuvenating interior surfaces, whilst leaving behind a delightful scent.