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Autumn Wash Kit


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"Really nice light glossy Quick Detailer. Nice and slick under the microfibre, spreads well and adds depth of colour. Beads water well, great for top ups and quick washes."- Robin B

Make you car look like new ready for Autumn, with this much-loved home detailing kit. In association with The Rag Company, we are pleased to offer this great bundle.

What's Included

PREMIUM SHAMPOO: A pH neutral, hyper concentrated premium shampoo with rich suds and an addictive bilberry scent. It’s leading edge cleaning agents cut through autumnal dirt and grime. The premium lubricants lift it from the surface and carry it away.

QUICK DETAILER: The innovative formula will provide an additional layer to existing protection, enhancing the visual appearance with a stunning depth of gloss. An ideal product for shows, showrooms and achieving ‘new car’ look. This product safely removes fingerprints, dust, smears and smudges. Where time is of the essence and a showroom finish is required, the AutoBead QUICK DETAILER will be your perfect companion.

NOODLE WASH MITT: Natural wash mitts aren’t overly durable, so for an easier life you may want to try a synthetic microfibre noodle mitt. These can be machine washed and will last much longer than natural lambswool mitts. The Ultra Plush Micro-Noodle mitt isn’t your ordinary synthetic wash glove, though… it’s made from hundreds of micro-noodles to give it impressive softness and replicate the deep pile of a lambswool mitt.

THE DUAL ACTION TOWEL: The Dual Action Towel is the perfect microfibre towel for the removal of polishes, waxes and sealants. The short pile side will aid in the removal of your chosen products applied to the vehicle whilst flipping the towel and revealing the deeper pile side will achieve that perfect final buff. These are widely considered the best microfibre towels for waxing cars.

The Liquid8r: We Get it. You want a drying towel that FEELS substantial and ABSORBS everything it touches. A simple task, but you know we had to put our own TWIST on things! Introducing the Liquid8r DRYING Towel from The Rag Company. The Official Drying Towel of the TRC “Everyday Value” line! This Twist Loop Drying Towel has the “flop” and satisfying weight that many people love in drying towels (1100gsm!). Featuring a Premium 70/30 Blend and hemmed "hidden" edge, this large 25" x 36" towel is tough on water but SOFT on paint!