About AutoBead Shine + Protect

AutoBead Shine + Protect delivers rapid shine and protection to your car. Applying long lasting wax-like protection and amplified shine does not get any easier than this. Upon application the product removes smears,  swirls and amplifies the cars deep shine by creating a perfectly smooth glass-like surface layer over your vehicles paint work.

The impenetrable layer repels harsh contaminants, elements and dirt particles; it also makes it effortless to clean off bugs, tree sap, bird droppings and water spots. Once applied, the layer is re-energised with every wash, bringing your cars shine and protection back to its very best.

The layer lasts for up to 6 months OR 10,000 miles. Can be used on Car, Bike, Motorcycle, Caravan, Motor home and carbon on any type of finish. AutoBead is a trigger spray solution, simply spray on, spread evenly and then remove / buffer with a microfiber cloth.

Application takes minutes and lasts months, with proven exceptional performance beyond 10 washes.