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Silex Pro, professional ceramic coatings for unit-based, accredited detailers. This range of coatings includes a specific solution for glass, fabric, alloys, and paint, providing professionals with the tools they need to provide ceramic coating services to their clients.

The Silex Pro ceramic paint coating is a 9H hardness ceramic coating which provides paintwork protection for 4-years. The advised two layer application process establishing a robust ceramic paint protection on the vehicle's surface.

If you’re looking for a range of professional ceramic coatings which will lock in the hard work of your expert correction work, then the AutoBead Silex Pro range is for you. 

Enquire about accreditation today! 

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    Surface Prep

    Original Price £8.95
    Current Price £7.15

    SURFACE PREP: Multi solvent panel wipe, giving a measured and predictable flash off, leaving nothing behind. The perfect product to use before appl...

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    Original Price £8.95
    Current Price £7.15
    Save 20%