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Enhance the wash process with our Premium Bilberry Bundle

This bundle combines our new PURE PREMIUM SHAMPOO bursting with cleaning power and luxury suds, coupled with a powerful QUICK DETAILER to create the perfect showroom finish adding protection and a stunning depth of gloss.

What's included

PREMIUM SHAMPOO: The AutoBead Pure Shampoo delivers a 2300:1 concentration ratio, with unrivalled slickness and long-lasting rich suds. This shampoo is rich in cutting-edge cleaning agents which break down surface contamination for a simple and safe removal whilst premium lubricants will ensure dirt is lifted and carried away safely. Add an addictive bilberry scent and the cleaning experience is enhanced, making this shampoo an absolute pleasure to work with. The pH neutral formula means that our Pure Shampoo will not strip or breakdown any pre-existing protection applied to the vehicle.

Adding just 10ml of our Pure Shampoo to your wash bucket is more than enough, meaning a 500ml bottle will offer a staggering 50+ washes!

QUICK DETAILER: An ideal product for shows, showrooms and achieving that final finish. This product safely removes fingerprints, dust, smears and smudges. Where time is of the essence and a showroom finish is required, the AutoBead Quick Detailer will be your perfect companion.

NOODLE WASH MITT: Ultra Plush Micro-Noodle Wash mitt is super soft so provides a very safe wash.

DOUBLE TWISTRESS PREMIUM LOOP DRYING TOWEL: This is The Rag Company's drying towel of choice for removing surface water after your final rinse. Rounded corners and a totally paint-safe, super absorbent ButterSoft Suede Edge give you the ultimate protection.

PREMIUM SEAMLESS MICROFIBRE CLOTH 40x40cm (Pack of 2): The sonic cut edge ensures the cloth will clean any delicate area and surface without any scratching or marking. Ideal for the application and removal of polishes and sealants. This cloth is manufactured with a pearl weave. This is the highest quality Microfibre you will find on the market. It is a 360GSM without any hemming making it a very heavyweight cloth. With this, it is still extremely easy and manageable to use. The high 30% Polyamide ensures pure quality throughout.