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"Quite simply the best wax I have ever used." - Adam Gardner

Wash and Protect with these Autobead essentials to safely guide your car through the winter months.

Achieve jaw dropping gloss and durable protection with our Spray Sealant and Si02 Infused Ceramic Wax whilst enhancing your wash process with the 2300:1 concentrated Pure Shampoo.

What's included

PREMIUM PURE SHAMPOO: The AutoBead Pure Shampoo delivers a 2300:1 concentration ratio, with unrivalled slickness and long-lasting rich suds. This shampoo is rich in cutting-edge cleaning agents which break down surface contamination for a simple and safe removal whilst premium lubricants will ensure dirt is lifted and carried away safely. Add an addictive bilberry scent and the cleaning experience is enhanced, making this shampoo an absolute pleasure to work with. The pH neutral formula means that our Pure Shampoo will not strip or breakdown any pre-existing protection applied to the vehicle.

Adding just 10ml of our Pure Shampoo to your wash bucket is more than enough, meaning a 500ml bottle will offer a staggering 50+ washes!

SPRAY SEALANT: Long lasting, easy to apply SiO2 based spray sealant that repels dirt and amplifies shine making future washes quicker and easier.

CERAMIC WAX (150ml): AutoBeads SiO2 infused CERAMIC WAX combines the latest in ceramic protection technology and premium carnauba wax. The innovative formula is simple to apply, delivering outstanding paint protection, deep gloss and a slick surface for incredible water behaviour.