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The kit that delivers jaw dropping, deep gloss combined with ceramic infused protection. - Terry

Looking for the ultimate gloss finish with surface protection? Look no further.

What's included

CERAMIC WAX (50ml): The latest in ceramic protection technology and premium carnuba wax.

POLISH: Prepare your vehicles paintwork perfectly for the application of your chosen sealant or wax.

SPRAY SEALANT: Long lasting, easy to apply SiO2 based spray sealant that repels dirt and amplifies shine making future washes quicker and easier. The perfect car gloss spray.

QUICK DETAILER: This product safely removes fingerprints, dust, smears and smudges. It's indulgent bilberry scent makes it a pleasure to use. 

PREMIUM SEAMLESS MICROFIBRE CLOTHS (40x40cm x2): High quality seamless premium microfibre cloth ideal for sensitive surfaces and paintwork.

EAGLE EDGELESS BUFFING TOWEL: The Finest Professional Quality Microfiber Detailing Towel.