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"I have nothing but praise for the AutoBead system."- Gary

If you like a clean car that shines and stays shining, but don't have all day to achieve it, then the AutoBead QUICK KIT is for you.

This kit provides you everything you need to give your car a quick was and surface protection. It provides great value for money, is a pleasure to use and leaves the car with a great finish.

This Kit Includes

  • PREMIUM SHAMPOO (500ml): A pH neutral, hyper concentrated premium shampoo with rich suds and an addictive bilberry scent.
  • SPRAY SEALANT (500ml): Long lasting, easy to apply SiO2 based spray sealant that repels dirt and amplifies shine making future washes quicker and easier.
  • Luxury Noodle WASH MITT: Ultra Plush Micro-Noodle Wash mitt is super soft so provides a very safe wash.