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The ultimate trio for achieving the perfect wash process

Washing your vehicle couldn't be more addictive and pleasurable with these three heavyweights. Our premium wash mitt will glide effortlessly with our new PURE PREMIUM SHAMPOO making the wash process safe and pleasurable. The super absorbent monster that is the Liquid8r will make drying your vehicle a walk in the park as this heavyweight towel is thirsty for water.

What's included

PREMIUM SHAMPOO: The AutoBead Pure Shampoo delivers a 2300:1 concentration ratio, with unrivalled slickness and long-lasting rich suds. This shampoo is rich in cutting-edge cleaning agents which break down surface contamination for a simple and safe removal whilst premium lubricants will ensure dirt is lifted and carried away safely. Add an addictive bilberry scent and the cleaning experience is enhanced, making this shampoo an absolute pleasure to work with. The pH neutral formula means that our Pure Shampoo will not strip or breakdown any pre-existing protection applied to the vehicle.

Adding just 10ml of our Pure Shampoo to your wash bucket is more than enough, meaning a 500ml bottle will offer a staggering 50+ washes!

PREMIUM MICROFIBRE WASH MITT: High quality microfibre wash mitt with ultra fine micro fibres that provide a soft and delicate clean.

LIQUID8R TWISTED LOOP DRYING TOWEL (25x36cm): A drying towel that feels substantial and absorbs everything that it touches. This Twist Loop Drying Towel has the “flop” and satisfying weight that many people love in drying towels (1100gsm!). Featuring a Premium 70/30 Blend and hemmed "hidden" edge, this large 25" x 36" towel is tough on water but SOFT on paint!